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You may recognize Vikram Vij from a number of places – as a famed Canadian chef, or as the owner of Vij’s in Vancouver. Maybe you watched him as a fiery entrepreneur on CBC’s Dragons Den, or as a judge on Chopped Canada. Whatever the case, one thing is certain: his vibrant spirit is bound to leave a lasting impression. 

In this episode, we delve into Vikram's journey, tracing his path from a young, ambitious restaurant owner to an internationally acclaimed culinary icon. Join us as we uncover the untold stories behind Vikram's success, gain insights into the challenges he's overcome, and hear wisdom from his remarkable journey. 

Whether you're an aspiring chef, a budding entrepreneur, or simply someone with a hunger for inspiration, this conversation promises to leave you informed, inspired, and hungry for more.


Mark Kondrat

Partner & CEO of Alberta Beer Festivals and ‘Let’s Meet for a Beer’ Podcast



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Vikram Vij

Restaurateur, TV Personality, Owner and Chef of Vij’s