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Brightside Presents: Let’s Meet For A Beer – Mountain Town Series!

By August 24, 2021April 15th, 2024No Comments

Brightside and Alberta Beer Festivals have teamed up to create a unique podcast series showcasing unique craft breweries across Alberta.  I recently met up with Christie Pelehos to learn more about Brightside and why they are excited to help showcase Craft Breweries across Alberta through this series. 

Our fourth series with Brightside focuses on breweries in mountain towns across Alberta that are involved with Brightside’s “Friends With Benefits” Program.  These podcasts feature conversations with the teams from Canmore Brewing, Banff Ave Brewing, Jasper Brewing and Folding Mountain Brewing.  Through these podcasts, you will learn more about what makes each of these breweries unique and how they make a positive difference in their community.  I hope that you enjoy the conversations.

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