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Episode 1 – Andrew & Damon Moreau – Common Crown Brewing

By December 23, 2020April 15th, 2024No Comments

Andrew and Damon, the brothers behind Common Crown Brewing, join The ABF Podcast to share the story of their journey that has resulted in being recognized as the 2020 Canadian Brewery of The Year!

Their interest in brewing beer started years ago with Damon’s passion for home brewing.  Always a loving brother, Damon was nice enough to let Andrew help pay for the equipment and clean kegs so that he felt like he was contributing.  Their love for making beer grew, and in 2014 the brothers made the decision to start a brewery.  

From the beginning, they knew they would need help to make their vision a reality and visited some of the new startups that were opening in Calgary at the time.  The brothers recall how critical breweries like The Dandy Brewing Company, Tool Shed Brewing, and Village Brewery were to their early success.  At one point Damon remembers saying to Andrew, “If everyone is like this then starting a brewery is not something we should do – it’s something we have to do.”  Finally, in November of 2016, Common Crown poured their first pint and the dream became a reality.  

Because the brothers didn’t have experience in the beer industry, they knew that they needed to build a strong team to succeed.  With their Tagline of “Team One”, Damon and Andrew have built a strong culture with buy-in from people in all areas of the company from production to packaging and sales.  Their goal is to continue to make beer that is true to style and that everyone who is part of the Common Crown team can be proud of.  

Common Crown Brewing is an important part of Alberta’s beer community and well-deserving of their title as the 2020 Canadian Brewery of the Year.  

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