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Episode 23 – Ben Leon, Matt Gaetz, Derek Waghray, Co-Founders – The Dandy Brewing Company

By May 17, 2021April 15th, 2024No Comments

This episode of the Let’s Meet for a Beer Podcast is part of a series that we created with our friends at Brightside.  Each episode in this series showcases a unique Calgary-based craft brewery that is part of Brightside’s “Friends With Benefits” Program.  

Today I sat down with three of the four co-founders of The Dandy Brewing Company in Calgary, Alberta.  It’s hard to describe Dandy in a single sentence – they certainly aren’t your “typical” brewery.  The beer is amazing and the food is way beyond what you might expect.  What strikes me about them more than anything though is that they are still having fun – and they still laugh at each other's jokes!

I first met the crew from Dandy in 2014 – shortly after they opened their first location in northeast Calgary.  They had the smallest brewery I had ever visited but somehow managed to make an insane number of unique beers right from the start.  Today they are in their second location in Ramsey that features a much larger brewery and one of Calgary’s best restaurants.

It’s been challenging to connect with the guys from Dandy through the pandemic so it was nice to catch up on the podcast – I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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