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Episode 25 – Doug Hamilton, CEO and Co-Founder – Inner City Brewing

By May 17, 2021April 15th, 2024No Comments

This episode of the Let’s Meet for a Beer Podcast is part of a series that we created with our friends at Brightside.  Each episode in this series showcases a unique Calgary-based craft brewery that is part of Brightside’s “Friends With Benefits” Program.  

Today I sat down with Doug Hamilton, CEO, and co-founder of Inner City Brewing which is located in the beltline area of Calgary – two blocks from the Alberta Beer Festival office!  Before opening the brewery, Doug worked around the world as a Geologist for almost 30 years.  He has always been passionate about beer with the mind of an entrepreneur – so for his next adventure, he combined the two to help create Inner City Brewing.

On the podcast, we discuss the challenges of operating a new business during a pandemic.  Doug shares how the brewery was able to pivot (I know – I hate that word too) and credits his team, led by his fellow co-founder and Brewery GM Dave Bell, for their survival.  They built Inner City as a way to connect with people and are excited to bring back live music, and other community-minded events soon!

Our team has worked with Inner City Brewing on a number of projects, including Be The Brewer and Beerfest-In-A-Box.  It was great to connect with Doug and learn more about his journey – I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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