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Episode 3 – Blair Berdusco – Executive Director, Alberta Small Brewers Association

By January 5, 2021April 15th, 2024No Comments

For today’s episode of the Let’s Meet For a Beer Podcast, I met up with Blair Berdusco to discuss the Alberta Small Brewers Association and its role in shaping the future of Alberta’s craft beer community.

Blair has a unique background that makes her an ideal person to lead the Alberta Small Brewers Association (ASBA).  Among her past positions, Blair has worked with the Alberta Government and a large lobby group for Oil & Gas.  When I asked her about her passions she said, “I am fascinated by government, stakeholders, and member engagement.”  Well Blair – I guess you’ve found a home then!

The main purpose of ASBA is to bring awareness to Alberta Craft Beer, and to create a community that is accessible and welcoming for consumers.  In her role, Blair is motivated by helping to solve the issues that keep their members up at night.  She admires the passion that people in the industry have for their work – “They love what they do, and that makes everything I do much easier and more gratifying.”

There are a number of challenges that the industry faces, and we discussed many of them on the podcast.  Among these challenges are – educating consumers on the difference between “Manufactured in Alberta” vs “Made in Alberta”, encouraging diversity in the industry, and overcoming the barriers of inter-provincial trade.

It was great to learn more about Blair and how she is making a difference in our community and I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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