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Episode 43 – Aric Johnson & Jason Griffiths – Co-Founders, Folding Mountain Brewing

By August 24, 2021April 15th, 2024No Comments

For today’s episode of the Let’s Meet for a Beer Podcast teaming up with our good friends from Brightside. Brightside by ATB is a free banking app that helps you do more “you” – so you can save for and spend on the craft beer you enjoy. Just like our team at Alberta Beer Festivals, Brightside calls Alberta home and is proud to support great local breweries and businesses with their Friends with Benefits program . Today we’re at Folding Mountain Brewing – one of Brightside's Friends with Benefits where Brightsiders can earn extra savings. 

Today we drove from Jasper to Folding Mountain Brewing which is about 20km outside the town of Hinton, Alberta.  When we arrived we were surprised (but very happy) to see that the parking lot was packed!  The brewery has awesome beer, an amazing restaurant and scenic patio so it’s easy to see what attracted all of the people!  We set up the podcast gear in the middle of the restaurant to enjoy the vibe – so you might hear a little extra background noise on this episode.

Aric and Jason are lifelong friends who both grew up in the area.  After moving away to explore the world and go to school, they both eventually returned to their hometown and built this brewery together!  It was really great to see their vision come to life – Folding Mountain Brewing should definitely be a destination on your next road trip!  I hope that you enjoy the conversation.

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