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Episode 47 – Mental Health In The Hospitality Industry

By September 14, 2021April 15th, 2024No Comments

On today’s episode of the Let’s Meet for a Beer Podcast, I connect with my friend Cam Dobranski for part three of our series on mental health in the hospitality industry.  

On the podcast, we discuss how the stigma of mental health makes it so difficult to talk about and how we can change that.  We also discuss how we can practice empathy and encourage open dialogue within our work environment.  Through open conversations about mental health, Cam is committed to changing the culture of the hospitality industry for the better.

Our goal with this podcast series is to help break through the stigma that prevents many of us from talking about mental health. Thank you for listening to this very special podcast – our hope is that you share this with others and continue the conversation about mental health.

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