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Episode 5 – Graham Matheos & Kevin Young, One For The Road Brewing

By January 19, 2021April 15th, 2024No Comments

On today’s episode of the Let’s Meet For a Beer Podcast, I met up with Kevin and Graham with One For The Road Brewing – a non-alcoholic brewery based out of Calgary, Alberta.  We discuss the rise of non-alcoholic beer in the craft beer industry – or, as Graham would prefer to call it “AnyBeer”.  As in “a beer for Anytime, Anywhere and Anyone”.

Graham started the company as a passion project and to satisfy his own desire for really good beer with no alcohol.  He wanted people like himself who choose not to drink to feel included and not have to miss out on a tasty pint after a bike ride!

Kevin joined his friend Graham to help grow the company.  He was attracted to the beer as a way to encourage a healthy lifestyle.  Kevin still loves all kinds of beer – and as he puts it “alcohol is not a bad thing, but there are scenarios where the right choice does not involve alcohol”.

The pair realizes that they have some real challenges ahead of them to end the stigma of non-alcoholic beer.  The major obstacle being consumers and industry peers asking “what’s the point” of beer with no alcohol?  They plan to win people over by “making good beer and having the beer do the work”.

Graham and Kevin have ambitious plans and would love to see their beer available around the world someday.  It’s great to see people working hard to make our community as inclusive as possible – I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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