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Episode #51 – Steve Abrams, Rob Doyle & Mike Cuch Co-Founders – Harmon’s Craft Brewery

By November 30, 2021April 15th, 2024No Comments

On today’s episode of the Let’s Meet For a Beer Podcast, I connected with the team behind Harmon’s Craft Brewery – one of Canada’s fastest-growing non-alcoholic breweries.

I first met Steve Abrams over ten years ago after he started Mill Street Brewery – which he eventually sold to Labatts Brewing Company.  Rob Doyle is a former Brewmaster at Mill Street and currently works as a Professor at Niagara College Canada.  Mike Cuch is an expert in consumer packaged goods – which is a pretty good way to round out the team!  

On the podcast, we discuss how the three of them teamed up to create Harmon’s and why they decided to focus on non-alcoholic beer.  We also discuss the challenges and opportunities in the non-alcoholic sector of the beer industry and why they chose to go fully organic!

“We named it 'Harmon's Craft Brewing' as a shout-out to my mom – because on a greater level this brewery is all about family.”  Steve Abrams

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Harmon’s Craft Brewery : websiteinstagram