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Episode #55 – Fahr Brewery Jochen Fahr (Founder) & Terra Harvey (Executive Assistant)

By February 24, 2022April 15th, 2024No Comments

Jochen Fahr, Founder of Fahr Brewery, had the vision to make the best beer in the world!  In only a few short years, Fahr’s hefeweizen was awarded the best in the world – so mission accomplished.  I don’t think he’s quite done yet though – he has some big plans to expand the brewery and their distribution.  So what is Terra’s role at Fahr?  She is the glue that keeps the machine together!  One of Jochen’s greatest skills has been to stay focused on this vision while building a team that is able to contribute in really meaningful ways.  

It was great to have both Jochen and Terra on the podcast to get a well-rounded vision of where Fahr is heading – I hope that you enjoy the conversation!

Alberta Beer Festivals: website | instagram

Fahr Brewery: website | instagram