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Episode #59 – Peter Keith Co-Founder, Meuwly’s Artisan Food Market

By April 14, 2022April 15th, 2024No Comments

On today’s podcast, I met up with my friend Peter Keith, Co-Founder of Meuwly’s in Edmonton, Alberta.  We discuss how Peter and his partners built Meuwly’s – taking the typical model of how a business “should'' be built and doing the exact opposite! 

Meuwly’s is all about showcasing the amazing food producers and artisans in and around their community.  They aim to reconnect their customers with the stories behind the foods they enjoy.  Peter hopes to see their products on the shelves of all the top food boutiques in Alberta and eventually across Canada.

I first met Peter last year in Jasper where we were doing a seminar together and we quickly became friends.  He’s passionate about what he does, and I know that you’ll enjoy the conversation!

“I try to use the idea of community-building as a personal compass.  Will this decision create something good; will it bring people together?”  Peter Keith


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