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Episode #67 – Cael Tucker and Mike Macleod Tailgunner Brewery

By July 29, 2022April 15th, 2024No Comments

A brewery with no TV’s?? Yep, you heard that right. 

Cael Tucker and Mike Macleod are the incredible owners of Tailgunner brewery, a new local hotspot in downtown Calgary. In this episode, they share their extraordinary story of how their unique vision came to fruition. This isn’t to say that they didn’t have to face tremendous obstacles to achieve their vision. 

Their inspiring story explores the initial hardships that Cael and Mike faced as they jumped two feet first into their business months before the pandemic hit. This unexpected blow quickly set Cael and Michael back, robbing their finances and morale. 

Thankfully for every beer-loving Calgarian, Cael and Mike triumphed through the gloom. With a momentous strategic change, they could launch five beers in just three months. As soon as they found their groove, these guys were unstoppable. Cael explains, “Mike and I hit the road like crazy to get out there and build our brand. We hit the ground running in 2021, putting out 16 beers to market in a very short time”. 

Cale and Mike now have a successful brewery on 10th Ave SW, where they have dedicated the beer to Mike’s grandfather, Linton Stephenson, a heroic WW2 Tailgunner, and dedicated the space to laughter and conversation increasingly less common phenomenon.