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Episode 7 – Phil Brian, Director of Brewing – Bearhill Brewing Co.

By February 2, 2021April 15th, 2024No Comments

For today’s episode of the Let’s Meet For a Beer Podcast, I met up with my friend Phil Brian, Director of Brewing Bearhill Brewing Co. – the company behind Jasper Brewing, Banff Ave Brewing, Campio Brewing, Last Best Brewing & Distilling and Albeerta Provisions.

We start off by discussing Phil's life in Australia growing up – why he wanted to become an engineer as a kid – and how he realized that dream.  He explains how he became passionate about beer – a passion that led him to work alongside his mentor Dr. Chuck Hahn while still getting his education.

Phil is currently living his favorite experiment – living in Canada!  After doing zero research, Phil decided to move to Canada in 2011.  As he said to his friend before leaving, “I think I should move to Canada – I need more mountains in my life.”

On the podcast, Phil enlightens me on where he thinks the beer industry is headed and what he believes new entries into the community can do to succeed.  We also chat about some of his hobbies that keep him sane – cycling, woodworking, cooking, and eating!

A conversation with Phil wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t enter at least one rabbit hole.  Want to know about Phil’s strangest habit – “obsessing over urban form, urban design, economics and the effects on everyday life.”?  Of course, you do – and that’s why you’re tuning in to the podcast!

Alberta Beer Festivals: website | twitter | instagram

Phil Brian/Bearhill : website | twitter | instagram | facebook