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Episode 70 – Matt Gaetz with Dandy Brewing Company

By August 12, 2022No Comments

Matt Gaetz is an Albertan legend creating the first nano brewery in Alberta, called “The Dandy Brewing Company,” in 2014. Matt hilariously tells the story of how they worked with AGLC and AHS to find answers to revolutionary industry questions, being the first nano brewery. 

After 16 years of working with COOP as a district manager, the motivation to not only build Dandy but to guarantee accomplishment was that he and his wife were expecting a baby. He explains, “Job security was a concern after being secure for so long, but with a kid on the way, it was all the motivation I needed to drive the success of Dandy”.

Tune in to explore how Matt went from retail to brewery owner to working with the reputable agency RGE. His story is intriguing and inspiring and his great storytelling will undoubtedly make you laugh. 

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