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“If you’re always trying, pushing, and working it will always get better.” – Tay Odynski | LMFAB 114

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Meet Tay Odynski, aka Taytayski! Tay’s passion for art started early – she’s even still got her childhood sketchbooks. Over the past eight years, she’s carved out a unique niche in the art community, both online and at home in Calgary.

Her artistic process is driven by spontaneity, allowing the paint to dictate the direction of each piece. This results in dynamic works characterized by bold brushstrokes, splatters, drips, and a variety of mediums.

Labelling herself a “painter for the people,” Tay's initial projects were diverse commissioned artworks that vividly brought her clients' dreams to reality. Her early repertoire includes vibrant and lively portraits ranging from celebrities and musicians to pets and athletes, as well as dazzling depictions of drag queens. Her signature use of vivid colours, energetic paint splatter, and eye-catching glitter makes her art stand out in any setting.

Join us for a discussion about getting into your flow, authenticity, and getting to do what you love!


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Tay Odynski

Traditional Freelance Artist & Live Event Painter