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Meet Tim Truax, the self-proclaimed super nerd, community innovator, and podcast extraordinaire. With a passion for all things nerdy and a knack for fostering meaningful connections, Tim's journey into the world of podcasting began in 2015 when he took the helm as the host of the acclaimed Nerd Room podcast. 

Since then, he has been on a mission to amplify voices and bring together like-minded individuals through the power of audio storytelling. Now, Tim has the role of CEO and Chief Podcaster at @podsummit, where he continues to push the boundaries of podcasting innovation and collaboration.

Join us as we explore the art of building communities, fostering connections, and discovering the endless possibilities that arise when we unite over shared interests.


Mark Kondrat

Partner & CEO of Alberta Beer Festivals and ‘Let’s Meet for a Beer’ Podcast



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Tim Truax

CEO and Chief Podcaster at Pod Summit