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For today’s episode of the Let’s Meet for a Beer Podcast I’m teaming up with our good friends from Brightside. Brightside by ATB is a free banking app that helps you do more you – so you can save for and spend on the craft beer you enjoy. Just like our team at Alberta Beer Festivals, Brightside calls Alberta home and is proud to support great local breweries and businesses with their Friends with Benefits program. Today we’ll be chatting with SYC Brewing Company, one of Brightside’s Friends with Benefits where Brightsiders can earn extra savings. 

Today I sat down with Richard Fyk, Co-Founder of SYC Brewing Company in Edmonton, Alberta.  The first thing we discuss is what exactly SYC stands for?  Is it Show Your Colors?  Is it Share Your Craft?  Do you pronounce every letter S-Y-C, or is it pronounced “SICK” like the kids say?  These are the hard-hitting questions I like to ask on my podcast!

SYC has been around for a relatively short amount of time and they have faced many challenges since the doors opened.  It’s one thing to deal with the learning curve of opening a new business in an unfamiliar industry – but let’s add a global pandemic to the mix and see how you handle it!  Well I’ve been following SYC closely since their doors opened and I’m proud to see how they have responded to the challenges and the products that they have introduced to the market.  It was great to meet up with Richard at the brewery to get a look at the operations.  I had a blast (as always) and I hope you enjoy our conversation!

More About Brightside:

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Brightside’s giving all you lucky listeners $30 when you sign up using the code BEER. Download the app, sign up and minutes and put that $30 to good use (let’s face it, we know you’ll likely use it on beer!)

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